Saturday, January 23, 2010

A small Sidestep!

As previously mentioned I am taking a little "sidestep" from the current Jon Pay story I am working on. Somehow I have managed to make some headway on it. This is the top half of this one-pager. Am hoping to ink and color this puppy in the very near future. Hope you like it.


Jenaro Pagan said...

Looking good, brah! Love the layout and hope to see it colored!

Iselanin said...

Te ha quedado mu chulo, sobre todo la primera viñeta del crucigrama.

Doc Monster said...

Ya done me proud, boy! Ya done me proud!

Lost Viking said...

Jenaro - Thank you kind sir, I hope to see it inked and colored.

Ilelanin - Gracias. I love doing stuff like the puzzle-title/-panel. It makes things more intersting.

Doc Monster - It is WAY over due!!