Sunday, May 20, 2018

20.05.18. Trying again

Yeah, so I fell of the face of the earth again... sorry about that. Between some family issues, personal illness, returning to my day-job and a change of projects, I kind of lost my way back here. 

With all of the above (and I'll probably go into sons of it in some detail at some point) I think the "A panel a day" experiment is done for now. I am going back to having this blog simply be a progress-report for myself and if any of you find this interesting, all the better. And as always please let me know. 
(Where I've stopped work on Jon Pay, PI: Prizefighters & Knickerbockers for now...)

So, Jon Pay, PI: Prizefighters & Knickerbockers has yet again been put back on the shelves. An opportunity came along thanks to my friend, Emmet O'BrienEmmet is a writer of comics and creator of movies. We have done a few projects together here in Ireland. He wrote a story, Ghost Sails, which was pitched to Aces Weekly. I am doing the art and lettering and it will becolored by another local boy, Joe Griffin

(Promo piece done for Ghost Sails. Linework by me and colors by Joe Griffin.)

I will be posting some WIP, but can most likely not show full pages. I am also trying to work in a slightly different way and adopting what I've dubbed the Keane-Method,  after the talented Kevin Keane (who in all fairness probably it from someone else.). Anyway, Kevin will layout the entire book, the rough out every page, the pencil every page, then ink the background and finally ink every character. (As oppose to going panel by panel, page by page). He swears this is faster. This is similar to how I did work when I had more time on my hands, but times changed and especially when it came to inking, I would go panel by panel. 

Now with Ghost Sails, we go pay three-page chapters and so I am testing Kevin's method chapter by chapter (well, in all honesty, I'm still on chapter'll see why...). 

(Panel 1 of Ghost Sails, written by Emmet O'Brien, lines and lettering my me, and soon to be colored by Joe Griffin)

Anyway, there you have it. I am hoping to be back to more or less daily entries. Some days will be tougher than others to get stuff in, since we still have some time left of my son's treatment, but I'll deal with this when it is an issue. 

If you want to learn more about Jon Pay or Gus MacDugal, there are three comics available on ComiXology

(Jon Pay, PI and All supporting characters ™ & ©, C. A. Aabø, 2018. Ghost Sails, ™ & ©, Emmet O'Brien &C. A. Aabø, 2018. )

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