Saturday, November 11, 2017

Day 2 Here's this guy!

If someone's gonna say something about when I've posted something, I will point out A) it's not tomorrow until I've had at 15 min of sleep and B) the time difference, I'm sure we're in different zones. At least I am sticking to my new commitment (at least for day 2...).

At any rate, here is a whole new panel. If you have picked up Jon Pay, The Comedy is Over, available from Comixology, you may recognize this doctor from the news page. This is how my script doctor used to portray himself in cartoon form. The character has developed a bit over time but that just goes to show how long it's taken me to get here. At any rate, I needed a doctor so why not use one that I actually trust.

As always, any comments or feedback is welcome.

(Jon Pay, PI ™ & ©, C. A. Aabø, 2017. Doc Monster ™ & ©, Rob X Román, 2017)

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